Wednesday, October 17

Lighten Him Up

Most babies loves lights and so is our Ian. When he's whingy at day time, i'll just bring him outside and he will lighten up.. laugh if I'm lucky. At night, he's always fixed on the lamps.. as if there's something wonderful and attractive in them. That's mainly the reason why we don't turn the light in our room always except when we change his nappy. The bright light and the illumination in the room makes him alive and active that it would be a bit difficult to settle him. What make us see things in the room most of the times are the table lamps on our both sides of the bed.

The other night, he was really fussy after a 4 hours sleep. He might be over-stimulated that feeding him lying down made him cry as well as placing him on my chest. MCJ had to take over and they went for a walk outside in the cool dark night. Luckily, some of the solar powered lights that serve as torchieres were running so it wasn't completely dark after all. After that walk and feeding him sitting down, Ian settled down and went to sleep. Hayyyyy!