Wednesday, October 17

To Each His Own

MCJ is not fussy on food - main meal. He will eat anything (edible and without poison) that you will put infront of him however it may taste like. That's how they're brought up by their Mum. They eat their veggies not leaving them on the side of their plate. While his brother G, is a celiac, so he can not eat anything with wheat, barley and the like. Even that, he's not fussy but he always have the pepper and salt shakers infront of him when eating especially mashed potato. Oh, and he loves it mashed really... not just plain.

On the otherhand, I am a bit fussy. My palette is not really on my tongue but on my eyes and nose. lol. Yet, when it comes to taste, I get used to it. But I only started to eat more veggies when I realized they're good for my health, that was when I was already working. Our Mum isn't strict so we can get away without eating our veggies. ;)