Tuesday, October 9

More Moolah, You Reckon?

Got more time today to stay online as Our Big Guy is fast asleep on his pram after a long walk. I didn't bother to transfer him to his bed as it might wake him up.

Anyway, free time from Ian means blogging and bloghopping time. And so I did. Thankfully so because I came to know another blog advertising site, Blogsvertise. I'm getting hooked in this paid post mania that I instantly register my blog. I am now waiting for the approval and hence this post.

Blogsvertise, I reckon works the same way as other blog advertising site but it has a little thrill as they features the photos of the featured bloggers in the homepage. Now, it might make you think that's what lures me to sign-up. Probably... plus the moolah of course. lol.