Sunday, October 7

Only Girl

Our family had been blessed recently... another grandchild for my parents, the number 8 and the only girl.

My elder sister gave birth to a baby girl, Yzabelle.

I'm not there to share the happiness but I'm rejoicing here because now there's a girl among the cousins.

Ian is the 7th boy grandchild. Before, I had my scan when I was pregnant everybody in the family expected a baby girl.. and they reckon Ian was. A neighbor even told me that I'm having a girl though we knew the gender through the scan. And everybody was happy with the thought. Yes, that's how hungry they were for a baby girl.

Now, there's another reason to be excited to go for a vacation.


Anonymous said...

bet she will be the special and most spoiled bby neice. heheeh

got sth nice for ya in my blog. :)

Princess of CJ said...

you bet, arlene!