Thursday, October 18

Playing Mum

Mummy is playing Mummy even if she doesn't have to.

That was MCJ talking to Baby Ian when I asked him to wipe the chuck-up mess on Ian's face again even if he had done it thoroughly.

And that remark made me think. Pondering on our daily routine and what had happened during the day, I realized that there are instances that concerned Ian that I indeed, over-reacted. It's not because I am that kind or I really have to, but it has been my motherly instict telling me. I guess, the motherhood profession is growing on me and it has grown fast and had rooted deeply.

I was not groomed on this job. Sure, I've got lots of nephews to practice early on, but I was not able to. I embark this job with few ideas on what to expect. My biggest weapon are, my emotional maturity and MCJ's support.

Yes, I shed some tears a few weeks after giving birth but I reckon they were just baby blues. It even hit me while I was still in the hospital. But if you will ask me now, how am I going? I will say, excellent! I know I still have to learn a lot - motherhood is a learning in progress profession for me. But I have adjusted now.. and slowly getting the hang of it.

Ann, said "di nakakainip ang maghapon pag may baby sa bahay (your day isn't boring having a baby at home)".. and I agree 100%.

Motherhood for me is the most rewarding and fulfilling job in this world and I am very proud that I am on it.


Mich said...

hi era, i know how you feel! i shed tears until now (last night pa) haha, but motherhood is just something! for me, it's a gift and an opportunity to love, serve, and care. :) well-said, btw! ;)