Saturday, October 20

Fat or Not???

We want Baby Ian to be fat as according to MCJ he would have reserve incase he gets sick. Fair enough. But it's another story when it's the adult that's getting fat. Instead of helping the recuperation when ill, being fat will sometimes make the illness complicated and endanger ones like. Just ask MCJ about. :) With the bug that hit him recently, he complaint that he had difficulty in breathing and added that he would go on a diet.

Well, I've been telling him that. It's not really that he would need to go with the fads like Southbeach, Atkins, etc.. or using diet patch... he's far from that state yet. Just cutting out on chocolates and pigging out would do him good. :)

But what was funny was... when he said he wanted to go on a diet.. he made this comment "I don't know with you but I".... Waaaaaa! I'm not fat, just having a jelly belly. lol.


wena said...

kinda agree on that, my physician informed me that I need to maintain my weight, not that am overweight or anything like that...far from it actually ... 107lbs and 5'2 ... not bad if u think about it ... but as am asthmatic it'd be better if i stay this way for easier in terms of movement and breathing.