Wednesday, July 8

Updates on The Lil Boy

The Tatapilla is now a bit better although we still give him puffer and his medicine. Although, the virus is not something that should really be classified as deadly (for me), who would want their child to get sick.

But we can’t wrap our kid in a cotton wool anyway. We can’t screen their air intakes. We just need to observe precautions as much as we can like washing hands properly and frequently. But isn’t it true that we need bacteria and virus in our body to boost our immune system? So how much is too much?

Jens is an outdoor kid and he “loves” for the lack of a better word, playing in the mud, stumping in the puddles, picking up stones, and any activities that will get him grubby. I don’t want to deny him the fun of doing those activities as much as I don’t want him to pick-up any unwanted organisms. It’s just catch 22.

Let’s just do the best that we can to take care of our kids and let nature do the rest.