Tuesday, October 27

The Brothers Gibb

I didn't know what Beegees mean until we have visited Thee Beegees Way at Redcliffe, the hometown of the band.  Mcj told me that it is short for The Brothers Gibbs, as Aussies are known for shortening or giving things nickname.  But really, it was not an Aussie who gave Beegees their name.  It was Bill Gates and he was also responsible for launching their career.  How sweet is that?

Going to the Beegees way will give you an insight of their history.  They were really sweet brothers who dearly love one another and their parents.  Just like new aspiring artists, they've been through a lot.  I have not read if they resorted to guitar maintenance as young upstart but they might have.  I'll have to read more on their history to find that out.