Saturday, February 25


It was one late afternoon, I was watering the plants when the sky started to sprinkle. I hastily went inside and found my place in CJ’s side while he’s playing online-poker. A few minutes later the cloud in the south started to pour big raindrops, finishing the job that I left. I look outside.. the raindrops pelt on the window… I felt a tug in my heart watching the rain chasing one after the other in the space.

What’s with rain that it makes me feel sad? Sadness of undefinable level. It can’t be loneliness, it can’t be longing. It’s a feeling that grip my heart inside. A feeling that creates a hole or a hollow space in my chest. A feeling that makes you take a deep long breath and give a sigh. Rain… of the things that makes me hummmmm. (sigh)

It came to my memory the on-going commercial of Nescafe when I left the Philippines.. there were three girls frolicking under the rain. It seems so inviting to do the same thing. I miss being a child player under the rain, to feel the drops on my face.. to my skin. I guess I miss my childhood. (I can’t play under the rain now as I am afraid of getting sick… the last time I did, I caught a cold). I miss making paper boats and dropping then from the window to the flowing water in the canal beside our house. It was a boat racing contest between us siblings and with our father sometimes. Tatay taught us how to make paper boats.

Rain reminds me of so many things.. my childhood, my family, turmoils that I’ve encountered, some down moments, the war in the world, the poverty, the strife and pains that some people are experiencing.

Metaphorically, rain could be a reminder that our life is not only about sunshine, about happiness, about ups. There could be times that we’re down. However bright the sun shines, however long the sunny days, rainy days will always come.

Life is about ups and downs. There is always equilibrium. At some, life is being unfair but when you look back, the extreme low is just the counterparty of the extreme high or either way that happened in the past… sometimes beyond memories. On this note, perhaps rain is God’s way of telling us to be humble and to stay our feet to the ground.

Rain could have a lot more different meaning to everybody. But one thing is for sure… it has its purpose here on earth, just like every other things that God had created.