Friday, February 10

Going for a ride

I just love to go for a ride to anywhere here. The air is not polluted, thus you can leave the car window open. Lovely sceneries along the road satisfy your eyes. You can see lots of trees, flowering plants, nice spots and houses made of different materials. You'll never get bored or annoyed with traffic as you'll encounter seldom of them. Some places are hilly so it's a nice ride going up and down. Beautiful views await you on your way down over looking to the villages and acreage. There are lots of round-abouts that sometimes make you feel dizzy. (I reckon, it would take ages for me to drive and master the road here, if ever.) They have a clever way of designing roads to minimize traffic if there is. Very helpful road signs are everywhere, I may say there are complete road signs.

I am always looking forward for My CJ to ask me if I want a ride going somewhere.

The day before yesterday, next door neighbor's son P called us up around 6:30PM. Their car (he's with friends) needed a tow. And so my helpful hubby obligingly prepared the 4WD with towing rope, printed caution sign and off we went to the location (though we were about to go to the shop that same time - we just kill two birds in one stone). Of course, I was tagging along. They were in a place new to me so, I really enjoyed the ride though it was already dark.

Yesterday, I also went with CJ on his delivery. It was a bit long ride and the sun was so up and shiny, but still I left the car window open. I've seen lovely scenes again that warm my eyes. CJ was almost driving the car on speed limit, so, I can hear the wind humming in my ears. And ohhh... it's a bouncy ride going down the hilly road. Everything that we passed-by were always new to me because I can't remember which way we took to and fro. Hehehe.

Even the drive going to the shops thrilled me though its just 5 minutes from our place. I am just easy to please.

But the downside of it all is.... I am not a good passenger. I always forgot to wear my seat belt. Yesterday, we were already half-way back when I remembered that I haven't buckled-up. Maybe, I wont forget it if, a cop will call our attention one day. Hehehe!