Sunday, February 19

Our week has been.....

I'm back! Where was I been? In my own world, I think. Hehehe! These past days, I was not in the mood to write anything until yesterday. I want to write yeah, and ideas were flowing to my mind sometimes but I can't find the writer [in my own sense =D] in me. Pretty odd, hey! I think, I was in my lunatic mood. Speaking of which, fullmoon was just this week and I attribute my mood to it. Hahaha! (looking for something to pass the ball). And partly to PMS. I am always having a hormonal imbalance when I am expecting my good friend. Gals outthere that have PMS know how it feels like. Somestimes, it's just too hard to handle. So what transpired to us this week? Nothing much! We're still the same couple who are both passionate on anything.

Valentine's Day passed, which was a big event for some. For us, it's one of the days of our lives and it's special just like everyday.

I have done a very long walk here in Australia. One afternoon, I asked CJ if I could walk down to the shops. He permitted me but I should take the mobile phone in case. He said, Australia maybe relatively safe but not perfectly. I think, the distance is almost 3km from the house. Can you imagine how far is it? It took me three quarters of an hour to walk down there and I was alone. It is 1km from the house to the mainroad and I just walked through the road. Then, there is bike path in the mainroad so I just followed it. You won't be scared though because there were lots of vehicles passing by and there are houses along the way. But ohhh boy, it was very tiring and hot. Hehehe! Can you imagine how tired I was after walking that far and then have to walk through all the shops? I decided, I won't walk my way back. I would be a limp veggies when I get home, if I did. So, I just called My CJ to pick me up. But then, I think... I will do it again. :D

Our good Kiwi friend J visited us yesterday. She came back from a holiday in her motherland, NZ. That was the first time that we've met though but we've talked many times through yahoo and phone. She brought us some presents. Pardon me for being a child and a show-off, but I would post the photo once I've downloaded it. =) I just appreciate presents and any mementos.

Christchurch picture frame, marine opal key chain and bracelet

One rainy and very early (just after mid-night) morning, it was full-moon, CJ and I hurried out of the house because he saw torch light flicker through the bay window in our room twice. It could be some bulglars. I was a bit scared while we walk through the dark as I am imagining things. What if the bulglar have a gun and will shoot us. What if it is boogeyman and he will just pull me to the dark corner and CJ wont notice it? Weird imagination, hey! Hehehe! [Walking in the dark in half of the 5 acres (ish) place is not a joke --- where there are trees around and smaller buildings]. So, I told CJ to let me walk first so he'll see what will happen to me. =D (I still did everynight from then on). We checked every possible corner that the bulglar will hide. When we were infront of the office, there was a noise as if somebody jumped on a piece of wood or metal. I was really scared. And then there was Lucky (our pet cat) meowing. =D We were like detectives that silently walk and keep our eye on everything in the dark and CJ was pointing the torch to every corner in a way as if to surprise somebody. Well, we found out that the gate wasn't locked nor closed, and we didn't saw any bulglar. It was a scary experience though.

Hey guys, have you seen the morning star in the east? CJ reckoned it was too big to be Venus. Yeah, it was big and bright. I've seen it this morning past 4AM.

Anything more? Maybe, later... the keyboard in this computer is giving me backpains. =)