Saturday, January 28

Tennis Finals

If you have been watching the final game for the women single, I bet you would be disappointed. I was very disappointed. Amelie Mauresmo won over Justine Henin-Hardenne. I have nothing against Mauresmo but I just like Justine a lot. She had been playing really great for the fortnight but unexpectedly she quits in the finals. She said she's sick. She was not injured... and that gave the people speculation. She lost the first set and it was already 5-1, Mauresmo on the advantage when Justine quit. She called on the trainor and making some motions on her head and stomach, then, back on the court, and after two serves, she's off the court. Ohh well, I believe her that she's sick. She's a great player and she wouldn't give up the finals if she's feeling alright. This is also a great break for Mauresmo coz this is her first grand slam championship. She's also a great player.

On the other hand, I am really excited for the finals tomorrow on men's single. Federrer will be playing against Marcos. Hummmm.... I dont know to whom will I favor. I told Pong that I like Marcos because he's still young, just 20, and he said, I will make a better Aussie because if there's no Aussie playing, they go for the underdog. I just like him. He has a great personality.... seems like an extrovert. He's branded as the new adopted son of Australia. He said, he's not really after of winning the finals, just being into it, is really great. One of the commentators said, he has a star quality.

Ohhh well, there will be another sports event that will keep us busy in the next days. The Commowealth Games 2006. I am looking forward to it! We need more munchies and cola to keep us upbeat on the games. Hehehe!