Saturday, January 14

Boating onboard Brual

Chris has been preparing the boat Brual for a mini-cruise, and so yesterday, we went boating in the Caboolture River and Moreton Bay.

We initially went to the bay but the water was going out for the low tide, it was a bit rough and I felt giddy. So went up to the river passing two marinas and anchored for a short while on the part where there's an island. Chris don't know which side to go to. The water might be shallow and there are fallen trees from the bank.

We had a relaxing day, close to nature. We took with us a fishing rod but we eventually lost it along the river. Might be because Chris was being naughty and speed the boat too fast and sometimes make it bounce like in a rough road.

We waited up until the low tide and anchored at the mouth of the river to dip into the water. The sand was a bit brown. The beach was not really sandy as there are areas that are mudflats. And Dad forewarned us that there are actually bullsharks in the river so we didn't really swim. We just stayed in the water for quite a while then, boarded the boat - eating and just enjoy the peaceful moments.

We took some photos from there and they turn out funny! =)

Chris is lost. The boat is gone!






I am lost also! But hey! There are two sets of thongs! Hehehe! More Photos here!

We talked of watching the sunset from there but Mum called-up to warn us that the boat has no spot light so we decided to come back to the place close to the boat ramp. We can watch the sunset from there, but it's ashame because the sun was covered with clouds.

We head home tired but fulfilled! I bet we'll do this again soon!