Saturday, January 21

Have a blessed weekend!

i have not done my laundry this week as the washer is making some funny noise when you use it... hummm, maybe the result of me washing the woolen blanket making the load unbalance last week. now, if i have to necessarily wash something, i have to handwash them.. waaaaaaa! the technician will arrive next week maybe, and only then i can use the washer, that is, if they can fix it.


for a couple of nights now, we have been glued to the tube watching tennis for the australian open and later for a movie. chris dont like women players who rant in the court like martina hingis or maria sharapova.. well, they're great players. another russian won last night against serena williams. she's daniela hantuchova. she's a tall and skinny lady but i like her play. she doesn't rants though.

watching tennis or cricket is not enjoyable without munchies. we were munching on chokies often just like last night. it was after dinner though but hubby has really a good appetite for chocolates. he doesn't say no. hehehe!


it has been raining for three days now. its not really that heavy, just a bit now, a bit later and another bit after an hour. but that doesnt make staying outdoor enjoyable. well, i am not complaining.. i am even happy as its not really that hot now.


have a nice and enjoyable week-end everyone!

God bless!