Monday, January 23

On Tennis... Australian Open

Tonight, Martina Hingis will be playing... I cant remember versus whom! But I think, its with another Russian. Hubby has been waiting for her match. I asked why he likes her. For one, he said, she's not blonde.


Last night, Daniela Hantuchova lost the game against Maria Sharapova. Humpppp! Well, I have to admit that Maria is really awesome in the court though, this is her come back from a couple of years' off-court because of her injury. All the while, she was training with her coach for the serving style and all [sorry, not familiar with the tennis terms]. BUT! I just dont like her ranting in the court. And that made hubby flipped through the TV channel when we're watching. Arrggghhhh!


I've seen Roger Federer played the other day. He's just great! No wonder BBT's affection was caught by him. Btw, just heard of his name from her when she told me that he's second love was no longer Eric Bana, which we share, but the No. 1 tennis player. He won the game against Max Mirnyi. He's too young [24 yo] to be the number 1 player in tennis but who said age matter? Well, I think the younger you are, the more energetic you become.

federer serving.... look at the crowd.. rod laver arena was always full-packed though i am just watching through our tube =)

one of my shots of him... i like his lemon green accessories =)