Monday, January 2

Welcome to Year 2006!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration. Us? We had a blast.

Had a swim on the Scarborough beach/mud flats, as Hubby called it, in the afternoon of the 31st, had barbecue (mainly sausages and chicken kebabs) and fruit and veggies salad with it, and a karaoke party (videoke in the Philippines) up until 2AM of January 1st.

Hubby had enjoyed the party too much. He'd been drinking vodka, by the way I had 1 1/2 shots also, he'd been singing his lungs out, we've been dancing and acting the fool. Hehehe. While, I was just sitting enjoying the party and watching everybody dance, laugh and sing. I had my share of dancing also. =) We met N & G's neighbors and friends in the party.

We took a couple of strolls along the beachfront promenade at about 12:30 and 1:45 AM. The wind was soo cool and refreshing. A pleasant change of the stifling heat during the previous week.

We finally got to bed by 2:30AM but I couldn't sleep, mainly because, Hubby is occupying the entire bed. Hehehe. He's soooo "makulit".

I got up by 4AM and Hubby followed through and invited me to watch the sunrise on the beach. We took a couple of photos and stayed there for about an hour. Met some strangers very early who requested me to take some photos of them. =) There were some people who spent their New Year there and there were some who went for a stroll and exercise early that morning. The upper portion of the beach by the way, is a park.

We then, went back here and had a few hours sleep. Hubby woke me up with a breakfast in bed. So sweet of him. He did the cooking all through the day. I did nothing the whole day, except sleeping. Hahaha!


I just finished watching the Readers Digest documentary of The Time of Jesus. It is divided in three times. First, The beginning of the Story, then, Among the People and lastly, The Final Days.

It is mainly detailing the life of Jesus as written in the 4 Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John after the death of Jesus, and based on the archeological artifacts seen in the places where Jesus was born, where He grew, where He spent most of His Life and where He died.

It was mentioned there that perhaps Jesus was not born on winter times (Christmas) as it is very laborous for Mary to travel during winter in the wilderness. It will take 4 days to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem in the normal weather.

Anyway, we celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Our Saviour. What is important is He was born here on Earth to redeem us. And that, we are very thankful of Him and God and of Mary and Joseph.