Monday, January 23

Boating onboard Brual... Again!

Yesterday, we took-off Brual again to the bay. It wasn’t a hot day, in fact; it was raining for the last four days until yesterday. But being a perfectionist, Hubby checked the weather forecast for the next day on line to be sure that we wont hit by storm while in the water. [The good thing here is the website is being updated twice a day for the forecast]. It was forecasted that the high tide is about past 2:00PM but when we arrived there almost 1:00PM, the water was starting to go up. It was a good timing as we will not be having a hard time steering the boat around the river trying to avoid the shallow water.

a storm brewing just right after we started the motor of the boat

What we did were just really boating and cruising to the bay and up the river. The sun was not really visible because of the storm brewing up in three directions. We stayed in the boat mostly relaxing, dozing, eating… just have a great time being with each other alone with nature. C said, it was better than staying at the house watching tennis or cricket or surfing the net. What do you reckon?

looks like an angel to me. are you really asleep or just feigning?

stuffing my face with munchies. what else is better to do than eat?

Out there, you can feel the cool wind and drizzles blowing to your face, hear the pleasant sound of the waves lapping to the shore, hear the whistles of different kinds of birds, gaze up to the uncovered vast sky and commune with nature.
the first rainbow i've seen here. can you see the storm demon?

Ohhhh, when the water was starting to go down, we anchored at a sandy part on the other bank of the river…. Its not a beach though as there are lots of mangroves. We go down the boat, have a short walk.. and all the while, I was enjoying, the sand flies started to annoy me. Grrrrrrr! They’re worst than mosquitos. And they’re following me where ever I went even inside the cabin of the boat. So with me complaining about them, C decided to sail to the bay again and back to the river.

I had my first steering lesson yesterday also. C would like me to steer the wheel while we are in between the water channels but I was a bit scared that I might turn to the wrong direction and stuck the boat to mud flats. It was more like driving a car, you just control the steering wheel and make sure that the bow of the boat is heading to the direction that you wanted to. My experience was a bit hard though because we’re cruising up the river so you need to stay at the center of the water ….. a bit more hard when we’re passing by the marina where there are several boats anchored at the middle and both sides of the river. It would be less difficult if we’re at the bay where there’s no water channel and you’re just free flowing. Hehehe! I think, I will be a lousy driver or skipper. Why? For one, I am too short to see the bow from the steering wheel. I had to tip toe. Good thing if the steering wheel is not behind the cabin of the boat and is at the front of it. Hehehe. Second, my faulty eyesight. Grrrrr….. It’s not funny when you’re short-sighted. Ohhhh well, it will always be enjoyable being the passenger than a driver or skipper. Hehehe! On the other hand, not really. C is naughty and at times gives me a dizzy experience whether on the road or in the water. Maybe, they were his revenge to me for doing nothing. =)

And nothing can beat the sunset that we’ve watched. It was not covered with clouds so we had the view of the golden glow. Too bad though that I have not captured the actual sunset in our camera as we were already busy pulling the boat to the ramp. Nevertheless, the view was awesome. Indeed God gave us lots of wonderful things to please our eyes and heart.

cant tell if dusk or dawn? its another not so sunset... but an amazing view

a not so sunset with the waves from the bay coming into the river