Tuesday, January 3

Just gas-bagging =)

I had just finished watering the retail plants infront of the office. I usually water them almost everyday twice a day. I think, it has been my routine.

Now, I am on my weird outfit; giggle hat, white gloves (just like michael jackson), socks, skirt and spaghetti strapped blouse. Hehehe. Its just stinky hot here. Been 40 degrees for the last days.

My brother-in-law G was laughing at my question to him just awhile ago. "Have you found Chris?" I said. He answered "I was not looking for him". Hahaha! I could have asked him, "Have you seen Chris?" Ohhhh, just one of my carabao English. =)

By the way, my white gloves were given by Mum last night. She's really good to me. She also gave me two bottles of nibblies last night for when I get hungry at the middle of the day, she said. All of my in-laws are good to me. I readily feel that I am part of the family the first time that I met them.

Ohhh, just really gas-bagging. I have to look for Chris and give his hat. The sun is blazingly hot on the skin. Got to go!