Wednesday, January 18

all about food

I am just here in OZ for more than 3 weeks and I already miss some Pinoy foods like dinuguan sa goldilocks, kbl of ilonggo grill, laswa ni nanay, bagoong, and many more.

i have just eaten rice here 6 times, i think and three of them were white rice, courtesy of mum. hehehe. well, my asawa has been hearing me that i miss my white rice so, last sunday i ate microwaved fried white rice. then mum asked us what did we have for dinner and so hubby told her and my litany of how i missed white rice, blah blah blah.. she said she has some white rice grains and then the day after she cooked steamed white rice until yesterday. dad said to me that i should learn to eat brown rice because its good for me. yeah, i know that, but i just miss things that i am use to eat. hehehe.

also, last sunday we bought green mango in the flea market. the stall owner may have been surprised for a customer who chose the greenest one. hehehe. i have just eaten half of it, the other half is still in the fridge. i may eat it after i have found bagoong here. hehehe. well, we look in woolworth's last sunday but they have none, maybe in a filipino store but we haven't been to any yet. chris pointed to me the anchovies spread, he said its close to shrimp paste. if only i could dip my mango to it. :D

what's funny is, i was looking for a rice meal in kfc. i have been searching in the menus for 10 minutes. hummm, im patient when it comes to food. but i failed.. hehehe. i end up ordering the flames burger, the best burger in the world, according to hubby! it's a lot bigger than the quarter pounder of mcdo. well, i end up eating not a quarter of it and i can't appreciate the taste.

ohhh, i have tasted the raw macadamia nuts. it taste like coconut. well, the way of eating is more like a coconut. it has an outer husk, then you have to break the shell and the only difference is, it doesn't have milk. my asawa picked a quarter of a bucket of them and we haven't cracked them all yet. still got enough to pound my finger with a mallet. hehehe!