Thursday, January 5

Mini things and thoughts

I just finish watering the plants again. I just did it once today and yesterday. It rained the other night and last night, that's why. The rain abate the hot weather at night. Hope it will rain again tonight. Hehehe.

We just came back from the Bunnings Warehouse before I watered the plants. Basically, we just bought some materials needed in the nursery, folding chairs and market umbrellas for the flea market on Sunday. Ohhh, we also bought a portable aircon.

I was watching the Maverick movie when Chris told me to get up and wear my thongs. Little did I know that we're going to the shop. Hummm, so off I went fresh from the bed. Hehehe. The same things happened yesterday also when we went to Woolworths to buy some Milo and smoke for Hubby. I am used to going somewhere without changing my clothes here. I have never did that in the Philippines. Ohhh well, there's always first time and as time goes by, I'll get use to it also.

The sun sets here past 7PM so we started the night late often. We watched the movie Die Hard last night. It was a good movie though.

Tomorrow, I will be doing our mountain pile of laundry. I haven't washed any since New Year. I just want to do the laundry once a week. Maybe, I can do some cleaning also, though, I have just done it yesterday.


dangkin said...

need help? send some to me and i'll take care of it..hihihi.. actually, just throw them all in the washer and let the washer do the rest! :))

Princess of CJ said...

finished them last friday. had 4 batches... well, i handwashed some that have delicate fabrics. the first time that i did it here, some of the clothes have lints on them from the fabric of our beach towel. i dont know how to segregate them. hehehe! now i know! but still i dont like the washer's job.. not so clean =)