Monday, January 9

Welcome from in-laws!

Last Thursday, Mum and Dad received a parcel from Sue, Chris's elder sister from Adelaide. Along with it were small parcels for me. Those were stuffs that you can identify with Australia and three pairs of fashion earrings as a welcome and Christmas presents for me . It was so sweet of her. I have talked to her over the phone the day that I arrived here. (btw, she's into crafts like fashion jewelry, dream catcher, etc.)

I was really overwhelmed and dumb-founded. Im lost of words so, here endeth. =)


dangkin said...

kasya ba lahat? ipadala mo sa'kin ang iba pag medyo malaki.. nway, m size 2 or xs.. =))

Princess of CJ said...

malalaki nga eh.. hehehe. but chris said, its okay so his hands will fit.. hehehe! :D

btw, you're slim hey! that's good