Friday, January 27

Foresaking work....

I have been working since I graduated from college or shall I say after the review for the board exams (which I didn't pass). It has been a busy, strenous, happy and full of learning 6 years of working. It was full of merry and sad memories. Memories that are inked vividly in my mind than those when I was little. It was during those times that I met lots of friends whom I say are dear to me. They were the moments where I have gained maturity (just a bit, I think), I have appreciated more about life, made me more independent, and have made me who I am now.

Last Monday, I have sent my resignation effective January 24. Such a short notice huh! Well, resigning was not a sound decision as I still dont have another job waiting for me when I return to the Philippines after this three months visit to my husband. But I was just approve of a month vacation leave. I still want to spend another two months with my husband coz, as of this writing, we still dont know when is the next time that we will be together again. (I hope when it comes, it will be for good). It will be too much to ask for another two months vacation from the company so, we opt for me to resign. I tell you, it was not easy to decide that fast. I am having second thoughts.. probably because I dont want to be a bum when I get back to my country. Ohhh well, it turned-out that the decision was not really that bad. I was advised by my boss to change the effectivity of my resignation 30 days after I have done my turn-over of functions to who ever will replace me. That means, I will still be employed when I get back there for at least a month. That gives me time to decide on what I really want to do after the job. Do I want to stay in Manila, look for another job there? Do I want to have a quite life (like here in Australia) by staying in the province with my parents? I probably can find a job there but the pay would be a bit modest... ohhh, I am not really looking for a high-paying job, coz I know, it is coupled with much responsibility that sometimes you would think, you are underpaid. As of now, I still dont know what awaits me back in the Philippines, but that's not yet important. What matters most is, I am here with my Pong (my new name for hubby) enjoying a peaceful and love-filled life.

Well, being a bum is not that bad. It makes me more time for myself and loved ones. You were able to do things that you cant when you're working even those menial ones. A good friend told me, (she's currently unemployed also), she was able to sort her 6 years worth of pictures while she's not working and had read lots of books.

I am not a bum right now... I am still employed... a noble profession I may say, a house-wife. I dont know if I am doing it right as there's not much to do. Hehehe!