Wednesday, January 11

Funny dream and more...

Ohhhh, I have a very funny wild dream that I really dreamt of doing in real life.

I was aboard a plane, dunno where to. There was an announcement that the crew needed five volunteers for the practice/sample that will jump off the plane with a parachute. With all the courage, I volunteered. The plane that I was aboard to needs to land and we have to get on to another plane. And so it land in the highway. The highway was the one in going to the house from the market back in the province. Weird hey!

And so the five volunteers boarded another plane. Some were my classmates from college and some were my officemates in ATSC. Hehe! It wasn't detailed why are we all together in one plane though. While aboard, I was so worried that I can't have the parachute land because I am very light given my weight. Well, the crew that was assisting us assured me that I will do it alright. I was also a bit scared because I might land in the water and drown myself. Pretty logical premunitions.

But! With all the fears that I have, I put on my gear and the parachute then, jumped off the plane. Viola! I perfectly did it right! I landed on the same highway where the first plane did and not in the water. Mind you, both sides of the highway were deep canals full of water.

And then, I woke up beside Hubby! Its almost 9AM. Hahaha!

But I was so happy. I did a good accomplishment even in my dreams. I wanted to do challenging and adventurous things in real life like in my dream, bunjee jumping in a very high cliff, etc.

My dream made me feel I was doing the real thing. Feel good!


These past days, I have watched several old movies like Cleopatra, Anastasia, Forest Gump, Dante's Peak, A Thousand Acres, and more. Its our way of whiling the time away at night and Hubby and mine's another cuddling session.

All the movies were good.


The other day, while lying on the newly mowed grass at the back of the house, I told Hubby that I wish I am Forest Gump. He said, "A gazillionare?". I said "Nope". "A person who always gives his best in all the things that he does. " Forest Gump excels in every endeavor that he has. Everything that he did is fun for him.

I know that I am a mediocre person. I know I can give more but I always ends up doing what's just right or expected of me. What caused this? I lack patience. I am always in a hurry to finish anything or to end anything because I am bored or because there's something more interesting to do than what I am currently doing. I also lack focus. I do things categorically. I label them as work and hobbies/fun. This is not all the time though. Sometimes, I got to mix work and fun also.

But I want to do it Forest Gump way. Everything should be work, hobby and fun to do that I need to give my best. I need to be that way! (Needs conviction!)