Monday, July 2

Rest and Relaxation

Ever heard or read the story about a fisherman and a director of a company? I read it in an email but I am not sure if I have archived it. Anyway, the story sort of goes like this - the director ask the fisherman why is he so content of his life as a fisherman. Then, the fisherman ask the director of a company why is he working so hard and the answer of the former boils down to his retirement plan of living a life like what the fisherman is currently doing - fishing some and relaxing more.

Anyway, I love the concept of the story that I am trying to live like a fisherman as I possible can.

But for some who's living like the director of a company, they are investing on vacation houses set on a pristine location with spectacular view, close to recreation like golf course or beach, or in a quite and serene place close to nature. Of course, with accordance modern conveniences and luxurious lifestyles. You can see them buying their second home from Branson real estate - the home for the world famous Ledgestone Championship Golf Course. Look how neat and homey one of their houses:


yatot said...

nice loft or is it a cottage? one of my dream rest house..