Sunday, July 29

just about me

tagged by hailey to tell some bits and pieces about me!

1. just recently became a mother. im sure most of you know this already.

2. found out that i can blog while breast-feeding. :)

3. i consider myself a mediocre person. too lazy to spend more effort.

4. im now struggling how to be a mother to a newborn and at the same time maintain the order in our place, have enough rest and not become a bitchy wife.

5. im still in awe and total wonder that i was able to bring life in this world.

6. and yet scared and anxious that i may fail in moulding the life that i brought here into a better shape.

i can go on and on..... but my right arm is already sleeping. :P

now, im tagging anyone.


lady cess said...

youll make a fine mom im sure of it :)