Tuesday, July 10

And the winner is....

Roger Federrer for the 5th time bagged the Wimbledon's men's single championship title matching Bjorn Borg's record. The match was actually graced by the latter to which Roger was thankful and saying that it made the match memorable.

Rafael Nadal is a tough opponent and it wasnt easy for Roger to beat him. They played in 5 sets and took them more than three hours. (Commentators said, Roger must have been very tired because he didn't lift the trophy higher than his head). Actually, I was getting frustrated because Nadal was becoming confident that he can win the match. I wouldn't call it a blessing in disguise for Federer that halfway the 3rd set, Nadal sort of suffer a knee pain and his trainor called a 3-minute medical time-out, but it was a good time for Federer to gather his focus and relax. Nadal's trainor wrapped his lower leg with band and it could have caused him to be un-easy or uncomfy through-out the remaining of the match and the reason for his defeat.

The poker-face Federer had showed some emotions when the umpire's call was OUT infavor of him and when challenged by Nadal, was actually IN. He questioned the umpire's call and made a snide remark during the break that the "system is killing me". It was during that time that his game wasn't desirable at all.

I think, Federer's performance showed that he can win at tough times because in every tie breaker set/break, he won.

Winning this year's tournament was even made unforgettable because the Centre Court is uncovered. The retractable roof was gone and will be back - new fitting - in two years time.

Federer was asked in an interview if he can see himself as a "sports legend" and the reply was somewhat like, "i'm just 25-26 and have few more good years ahead of me". Indeed! He can grab few more championship titles and do some legendary act before he decides to retire.