Sunday, July 8

Working with Softwares

I was involved in an Enterprise Resource Planning in my last job and I was incharged of some financial modules. I love that job. If not for our plan to start a family, I reckon that would be the kind of job that I would stick to until I get tired or maybe retire. How I miss it.

I am a little fortunate though not working, the family business is using a different software and I can tinker a bit on it sometimes. That's what I was doing in my last job, tinkering anything on the system to discover something that maybe useful to the company.

I never get tired of playing around the software/system because there are lots of facets you'll know. One is the payroll software. It is very interesting but at the same time highly confidential so access to the test environment is only limited to authorized person. How I wish I was given the chance to mess with it.


joelyn soldevilla biag said...

hi era,

m a 1st time visitor in your blogspot. m interested in what u said bout enterprise resource planning.

u c, m with a non-government org (NGO) helping the farmers and fishers in Samar. we will be starting with enterprise development next year.

care to give tips on how you once did those modules?