Monday, July 2
I was inspired by Jean's post here to make fruit ice box cake when I read it yesterday. I have never tried a refrigerated cake before as I am not big on graham crackers. So when I knew that I can make one by using "broas", I decided to try it for the first time.

We had a quick dash to the shop this afternoon and I bought the ingredients - broas (I use sponge finger bread), condensed milk, fruit salad, cream. And I immediately did it when we arrived home - never bother to unpack the shopping bag.

I don't know if it will turn out well though as it seems I've used too much cream and just a little condensed milk that I can taste more of the cream than the supposedly sweetness of milk. Put it in the freezer and will have some for dessert later. Anyway, whatever the taste is.. it wouldn't be that alien as it was just a mixture of simple ingredients that I'm familiar with the taste. :)

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Posted by Princess of CJ at 3:52 pm |


At 4:27 pm, Blogger Mich said........
I'm sure it would turn out great since it was a labor of love. :) Haven't made a refrigerator cake for quite some time already. Siguro pagka-lipat na namin. And oh, may utang pa pala akong tag ano? will do it soon. :)

At 4:46 pm, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
sana nga mich! :)

At 11:49 am, Blogger Sunshine said........
hmmm that sounds tsarap. try mango float too.the longer it is refregirated the more it feels like "real" cake. any picture?

At 5:49 pm, Blogger Surfergirl said........
hope it turns out yummy :) baligtad tayo ako naman favorite ko graham crackers. my next project is mango float :) hanap ako recipe.

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