Tuesday, July 10

Ang Dilis, Bow

I've visited and passed through the Asian Dry Food section of this recently opened supermarket in our area but I haven't seen any food that I can relate except for some that I can somewhat identify myself as Filipino food but the brand is not really Pinoy like, prawn crackers, stir-fry noodles, rice wraps for dimsim, etc. And I haven't seen their frozen asian food section yet, so we decided to scour the freezing area with the hood of my jumper on my head. I was actually looking for chorizo, frozen pinoy fish or any preserved food that I can relate... but their selection is very few and nada, the food that I was looking for is nowhere in sight. I was surpised actually because they have wide array of brands for almost all of the household products that if you're fickle minded like me, it would take you half an hour to decide which shampoo to pick. :)

Anyway, after going through the frozen food section, I went to the dry food section, inspecting all the products that are available and to my surpise.. they have dilis and is boneless! Imagine how they did it? Actually, the bones are visible.. they just cut the small fish in half. :) It was not a Pinoy brand but will do. I also saw coconut milk and rambutan in syrup but I did't buy them. I was too happy to have the dilis.

See, we don't have to make a special trip to the Asian shop to buy dried fish. But I would be happier if they have "bagoong".

Got to go... have to cook rice and dilis for lunch. :)


Mich said...

boneless dilis? wow! pano ginawa un? hehehe! :)

mitsuru said...

penge...i haven't eaten dilis in a long, long, long, long time...lol

Princess of CJ said...

@ mich, boneless ang nasa label pero visible pa rin ang bones. di mo nga lang feel pagkinain na. they sliced the dilis in two.:)

@ mitz, nag-crave ako kaya naghanap kami ng dried fish. feels like home while eating. :D

kookie said...


gracita said...

naku, pinatakam mo ako! ngayon tuloy, all i can think of is dilis with kamatis and patis! i'm chatting with harvs and tawa siya ng tawa. kasi in the middle of our conversation, isisingit ko: dilis with kamatis! hala, this is all your fault! :)

Saturn De Los Angeles said...

waah, I miss dilis... :(