Tuesday, July 3

On Addresses and Mail

We get junk mail in our Mailboxes - maybe it in our residential or PO box addresses. I don't find them pesky all the time though because I get to know what are on sale and special prices in the shops near-by.

But what irritates MCJ the most is the postal exchange company that manages the PO boxes here. Because we do have PO box, they have the desire not to deliver our mail addressed to our residential add instead just drop them to our box. Letters/mails that were dropped to our residential add have stamped "please notify sender of your PO box number". Hello! Why should we? They're not all solicited mail, actually most were just junk. And if ever they're solicited mail, we really want them to be delivered to our home add.

Goodness, this issue was settled recently when MCJ was the one who picked up the mail from the box. He went into great miles of stressing the point that we want the mail delivery set-up as it is. Now, we don't get mail with stamp anymore.