Thursday, July 26

First Day Out

Of Bubba, that is.. at 6 days old.

Last Friday (July 20), Bubba had his first excursion. MCJ was going to mail Bubba's birth registration and go up to Medicare to have Bubba's name added to his card. Since the Medicare's office is in the mall, we decided to tag along. And while we were there, we changed MCJ's private health insurance cover to include our cherub.

Bubba was asleep when we left the house and was partially awake when we were at the Medicare.

He is on a 3-hourly feed and it was due when we were at the MBF's kiosk that we have to rush to the parent's room to gave his dose. He was busting his lungs out calling the attention of others at the mall. It's not uncommon to see babies crying but because ours is really obvious as newborn, strangers have to stop and look at him. Three oldies have even exchanged small talks with me.

After almost an hour of feeding, he was settled comfortably and despite tha overly loud noice and chaos in the mall, we were able to enjoy our lunch and shopped for almost three hours.

(We went out again today and he was sound asleep until the end of our lunch. Had to fed him in the car before rushing home just to pacify him. Hopefully, he'll behave nicely tomorrow.)


yatot said...

aaaw! a new born baby! what a nice thing to hear! i bet his cute... picture pictures!

Mich said...

I remember nung newborn pa si Alex, ang sarap nyang isama kahit saan kse parating tulog! LOL! haaaay, babies....they are such a joy!