Saturday, July 7

Safe Drinking Water

My favorite drink is chilled water. I always see to it that I don't ran out of bottled water in the fridge or sometimes in the freezer when I am saving it for night time. Bottled water never leave my side of bed at night as I always feel thirsty, especially now that I am preggy.

Here, we don't buy purified drinking water. We just use water from the tap for drinking and cooking- well, it is safe anyway. But with the on-going drought problem in our state, it was proposed to use recycled water and most people object to that. Our family really don't as long as it is safe to be taken in. I'm sure the government will see to it that it is safe for people to drink and use.

But with the availability of water bottle filter, the dubious mind of those who're not into recycled water will be at least pacified knowing that they can have safe drinking water even on the go.

The plan of the government will take time to implement but eventually it will be if this on-going el niƱo problem continues. Let's see how are family cope with this. :)