Wednesday, July 25

What's in a Name?

We've been brainstorming for his name even while I was preggy, may he be a boy or a girl.

Now that he's out, it took us almost a week to decide the spelling of Bubba's third name hence the registration of his birth was a bit late.

We've finalised his name but we haven't decided what would be his nickname. MCJ suggested that we stick to what is familiar, that is Bubba. That's what we call him while he was still in my belly.

Maybe will just decide himself what he wants us to call him later on.

Btw, Bubba's name is Jens Christian Immanual. (I'm planning to call him Christian.)


mitchteryosa said...

Nice name! Unique!

Mich said...

awww, what a lovely name! that's one of my fave part in having a baby, choosing his/her name. :) Congratulations again!

Princess of CJ said...

thanks mitch and mich!

Arlene said...

It's the spelling that made it unique (in my point of view) and that is really great. Aside from Buba if u want anoher nickname -- u can use Jess - if you and hubby likes it.
soft kisses to thebaby.