Tuesday, July 3

Another One for the Wish List

It's winter time Down Under and we're a little fortunate that it doesn't get too freezing in our side of the world almost all the time. There are days like today that the sun is really up and shiny, no cold wind blowing and howling, and we still get sunshine at 4:30PM. But there were also days when the SE wind blew, the sun was hiding almost all day that it felt like rain is going to pour any minute and it's just too chilly that I was wearing beannie, socks and gloves. It is during these days that I wish I am back to the Philippines with a humid and warm wind blowing to my skin or better yet, somewhere else having an r&r - in a pristine resort soaking and baking in the sun.

If and if, we could ever get away, Hotel Reservations can readily help us in this department. Their website is pretty user-friendly and contains comprehensive information that it is like talking to a sales assistant in person. You can book with them your get-away accomodation - hotels, motels, resorts; flights; car rentals; vacation rentals; packages; tours; etc. It's a one stop-shop for your dream holiday.

And to check the price of my dream vacation, I tried to search for the available accomodation and know what? The result is so massive that it would be so hard to choose if the booking is for real. Plus the prices they gave were either discounted or on special. And I thought, only grocery items were priced special. :)

Hotelreservations.com also cater to wise traveller - somebody who would book their holiday in advance and get a discounted or lowest price. They have special discounts on occasions or season - just like now, $30 summer gas rebate. Book with them online and you will be guaranteed of the lowest internet price. If you happen to find a comparable lower price deal somewhere else, they have a choice of matching the deal or cancel your booking with them without a fee. A fair deal, isn't it?

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