Friday, July 13

Pro-blogging is a Snap

Remember this thingie that we bought for Bubba from my pro-blogging earnings? Well, we had another buy yesterday from the blog advertising moolah! Isn't that great?

It's been almost half a year that we suffer the lack of digital camera - thanks to the very resourceful bloke who stole my loved cam. And all this while, we haven't replaced it yet. MCJ just refuse to buy a non-slr one and with the dear-price of his pick, we really didn't fit it in our budget as it is only a non-essential. It is only to cater his interest in photography which he hardly had time to do. With the impending and looming arm and a leg cost of me giving birth here and me not qualified for a free hospitalization, he really can't have his SLR cam nor I can only have the "nasty" one that I want if the moolah is from our pocket. :)

Thanks to the blogging money. I want the moolah that I earned to be used in something that I will cherish, use and see everyday rather than splurging it on clothes shopping, not that I don't cherish my clothes but you don't wear the same clothes over and over again.

MCJ called the newly-bought gadget an al-cheapo and nasty one but I am happy with it. The sales assistant in the store asked me if I like that model, I told him.. I really don't care what model it is as long as it takes pictures. :)
What's the rush of buying it? The most awaited arrival of Bubba - who is now 2 days overdue and still got no plan to come out today.
Btw, MCJ bought me a complementary SD card and camera bag from our pocket money as the pro-blogging earnings are only enough for the cost of the cam.
I am a happy camper and blogger! :)


Surfergirl said...

wow congrats on the new gadget era! ako din i got the dslr with the help (not entirely) of blogging earnings.
laking tulong talaga nitong blogging hehe :D enjoy your new cam!

ZJ said...

Ang galing naman! Sulit na sulit pala ang pro-blogging earnings mo. Naiinggit ako. I still have my durable Sony digicam but I have been drooling at this Nikon dslr for the longest time now... might take up blog advertising soon, too.hhehe.
Meron ka na ring camera ready for your Bubba!

Mich said...

awwww, ang tagal naman ni Bubba lumabas! excited na ko eh! :) Galing that you were able to buy the digicam from the blogging money. Sipag!!