Thursday, June 21

Look Here!

My pro-blogging activities bought Bubba this:

Actually, I haven't seen the physical goods yet. I've just closed a shopping deal with an online store for the pram. I am just too excited to share you the news.

I've just been into this pro-blogging thingie for more than a month and my earnings have paid for the pram already. Yayyyy! Plus a few dollars extra.

The plan initially was my earnings should pay for a few shopping I've made in Manila but MCJ and I saw in the news a discount online store that really gives you good price for a particular product so, we decided to check the website and he found the pram. Yes, the pram is discounted at 47% in its RRP. I think, we got a good deal.

I am so excited that I feel like a kid again waiting for santa. :)

And you bet, I will always be peeking on who's stopped by our place in a few days to come. It might be the courier bearing our gift.


Mich said...

wow, galing! Ang sipag mo kse mag-blog. :) sarap talga to shop from the blogging money noh?