Saturday, June 2

Just Dial For Help

Do you know someone who's been addicted to drugs? It could be your loved ones, a friend, an officemate, an acquiantance, or any body in your community. Would you help them seek drug treatment? How far would you go in providing assistance?

I know, drug addiction is a very sensitive issue among those family members of the victims and getting involved in their situation might create friction or can be viewed as brutal or rude intervention. But it is also our duty to help our fellowmen when they're in need or we see that they need assistance. The aid that you can render doesnt have to be applaudable, commendable or so big for the public or media to notice it. A mere giving the family member a helpline or contact number where they can seek drug treatment centers is beneficial.

If you're searching for a contact number of drug treatment centers, just head on to the 1800nodrugs website. Basically, this website suggest that you call toll-free 1800-nodrugs (1800-6637847) and they will refer you to a drug rehab center that meets your needs. Of course, that is after you telling them what specific requirements do you look for in a drug treatment center. As it is toll-free, you wont incur any costs plus with the vast array of drug rehab centers in these days, 1800nodrugs pre-screened those centers and single out one for you.

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dangkin said...

pssst! kailangan ko cguro silang tawagan? he.he.he.

Princess of CJ said...

to help me ba? i'm getting addicted eh! sa pagkain! hehehe!