Sunday, June 3

Safety First

When dressing up, I sometimes go for the look the dress would do to me. I seldom consider the practicality and safety of my outfit. Maybe, my maternal instinct has not kicked-in yet because my sloppiness doesn't just relate to dolling up. It is lame but I am just simply a dag as MCJ calls me. But MCJ is my complete opposite. He's too cautious and too concern even with the smallest thing like inserting his shirt when he's doing some handyman job, wearing shoes when he went for a walk around our bushy place here, always sees to it that the first aid kit in the car and in the office are packed with essentials, and what-have-yous. And I appreciate all of his efforts.

I know, that safety in any work environment is a must and should not be taken for granted.

But, I must also admit that safety gears particularly for mechanical jobs or those accident prone endeavors, like sports, do not always come cheap. But after browsing in the online store, I would say.. they're one of the exceptions. And they offer wide range of hard hats for head protection, first aid kit, safety goggles for the eyes and many more.

It is a user-friendly online store as you don't have to open or click lots of buttons and pages to see the price of the product, the manufacturer's specifications, shipping time, and discount if available. These information are all available in the same page where you see the product that you target to order. Payment can be made through credit card, paypal or coupon if you have any. You can also order by phone and just send a money order for payment.

They ship order via UPS and you have to provide your location address not just PO boxes as UPS doesn't deliver to box.

And if you're planning to order for a single household, please make sure that you have a long list of safety gears to order as the minimum is $50. But this isn't a problem for corporations, government agencies and schools as they always order in bulk.

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