Saturday, June 30

My Female Pick!

I like her the first time I saw her play in the Australian Open 2006. To say that she's a good player is an understatement because currently, she's the world's number 1 female tennis player. But, I didn't know it back then. I simply like her for no apparent reason except that I like the way she behaved on court.

She played the finals against Amelie Mauresmo where she quit in the 2nd set for not feeling well, to my disappointment. She cried though. Her retirement gave way to Mauresmo bagging the championship trophy but I reckon Amelie was not at all happy because her worth was not really proven. (MCJ was happy because he's been rooting for Amelie as she had always been a bridesmaid but never a bride until that time.) But Amelie proved that she can be a champion without her opponent's retirement (Justine Henin) in the Wimbledon of the same year.
That same year, Justine bag the French Open Championship title for the 4th time and third in consecutive years which makes her grand slam titles equal to six. She was also in the finals in the US Open where she lost to Maria Sharapova.
She withdrew in the Australian Open this year for personal reason. I speculate, she must have been in the process of getting a divorce from her husband (or might be the other way), Pierre-Yves Hardenne. She has then confirmed in her website that she has separated from her husband and will assume her maiden name, Henin. And I didn't knew about it. :) It was just at the first day of Wimbledon 2007 that MCJ told me she had divorced from her husband and that I should stop adding the Hardenne after her name. For almost two months, she lost the number 1 title to Maria Sharapova but reclaim it again.
Justine won the French Open Championship title this year against Serena Williams, equalling Monica Seles's open era record, and surpassed US$15 million in career prize money earnings.
Justine is playing on Monday for the 2007 Wimbledon day 7(?).
I used to know her as Justine-Henin Hardenne and up til now, I still have tongue slip-up and call her that. :)