Tuesday, June 19

A Perfect Gift

It's winter time down under and inorder for the immune system to keep up with the chilly weather, one needs load of vitamin C. And the perfect source of this immune system booster is fruit.

And I do love fruit in whatever form they are, fresh, pureed, salad mix, what have you's.. I'll eat them. It would make my day happy if the fruit that I love is in season.

But I would be happier to receive a gift basket of fruit like this:

An assortment of lovely and yummy cherries.

I think, I can afford to bribe MCJ to give me this perfect gift or invent any occasion. Besides, I am good at doing the latter. :)

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Anonymous said...

ang sarap naman nito!

Anonymous said...

ey...that's yummylicious. that's surely is healthy.

Anonymous said...

Meron palang ibang kulay ang cherries , nakikita ko lang kasi rito ay yung red.

chuching said...

ako naman hindi mahilig sa fruits. the only fruit i really love is mango! philippine mango, that is! hay, miss ko na yun! :)

kookie said...

sarap yummm

Anonymous said...

just bought bing cherries today. pinapalamig ko pa sa fridge.:) mamaya ubos yun. lol