Wednesday, June 6

International Calling Made Easy

In my first trip to the land down undah, I had applied for a roaming service from my mobile phone company provider. I had benefited from it in the sense that, MCJ was able to contact me while I was at the airport waiting for another leg of my flight and my friends and family were able to send low rate sms's to me. But, as I came back and forth here, I just stopped the use of the service. I just can't see that I am getting enough value for my money. Imagine, I will be charged of a hefty price if I happen to answer a call, apart from the fact that the person calling me will be charged as well and then the sms cost was not practical. Add the fact that I can't make an international phone call while I was in Hongkong airport.

And I reckon, having an international phone card kept in your wallet is better than having a mobile phone with roaming service on. You can make international phone call anytime you want as long as there's a phone booth. True that your family and friends can't reach you while you're on the go, but you can always get in-touch to them when you reach your destination. Besides, their main concern is to know that you have arrived safely to your destination. But, it is imperative for you to have an international phone card that you can rely on during emergency if you're enroute to your destination. Nothing beats with contacting your loved ones and be able to talk to them when you're in dire streets.

And, with international phone cards, you can get a good catch. Just like in Pingo. The company just introduced an international phones program that provides the best quality call at the best cost. You get a $5 free phone calls just by signing-up with no hidden fees and charges plus with the best competitive rates in the world.

So sign-up now and keep your international phone card handy in your next tour of the world.

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