Tuesday, June 26

Updates! Updates!

It's been a few days that I have not updated my home. It is not neglected though but there were just circumstances that preclude me from performing my duty. Sounds serious, huh! :P

Anyway, I was just busy with my new interest, sewing, for three days. I was seated in my throne right after breakfast until it went dark (it gets dark pretty early these days though). So far, I have finished making 6 underpants and 3 singlets. I am sort of proud of myself for accomplishing these granting I stuffed-up the light bulb of the machine and wound up cotton to some parts that shouldn't be because the materials of my produce were not the normal cloth. Some were stretchy, fluffy and what-have-you. And all these while MCJ was right beside me minding my own business. :) Him being a consumate professional found lots to correct on how I sewn stuff and I tell you, you wouldn't like listening to us. But I am getting there and he's getting used to my strategy.

Don't discount the fact that our computer played up a couple of times. First, it was the cooling fan but it was replaced the same day then just this morning, our internet connection was not available. It wasn't fixed until after lunch when MCJ was already free from looking after a customer and had created a new gateway. Obviously, it is now fixed but MCJ needs it for the bookwork so I can only use it for a few minutes. Hummmm. Actually, I just have it now because he is watching the news and I have to make him coffee later. See? I am really slaving myself just so I can blog. Heh.Heh!


Know this? It arrived yesterday morning and MCJ was so excited that he was planning to wake me up if I was not awake yet. :) He (we) assembled it right away and he wanted me to use/test the basket available for Bubba's stuff which I didn't do. Talking of being defiant. Now this thing littering around and is occupying a big space.


We're having a wet winter now. It had been gloomy for the past couple of days, it was drizzling yesterday and today is steady rainfall. However it's good for our drying dam but it's just a terrible day. Winter makes you a couch potato and a guts bag and add the rain, brrrrrr.. a lazy, gloomy and sad day. It's not that freezing cold nevertheless because the cloud is preventing the warm air to evaporate to the atmosphere yet still cold.


MIL reckons I'll drop my bulge anytime soon. She kept on asking if I have packed my bag already. Not yet but the stuff that will go with it are all ready. I just feel Bubba still likes to stay in Mummy's belly because the movements haven't reduced yet.

But my nesting instinct had already kicked-in a few days back. Been doing household chores even late at night which I don't normally do.

I don't actually want him to go out before the due date as the baby capsule will be fitted to the car two days prior to the BIG DAY! It would be a disaster if he comes out early. :)


Good friends I will visit your blog soon. Hope you're all having a good time!


Anonymous said...

glad you're doing ok and let me say goodluck in advance to the BIG DAY. Cute stroller u got for ur lil' one.