Tuesday, June 19

A Windy Day

Today is different from the other days in this year's winter. A moderate and fresh gusty SW winds are blowing in. Brrrrrrrr! The sun is up and shiny but it could not abate the chill that the wind brings.

I woke up early to hang the washings that I did yesterday. It's my latest washing trick. For non-sensitive cloth, I actually left them overnight on the line so they would get dry by noon the next day. If I forgot to pick my washing from the line by 2PM, they'll be as cool as my damp feet after shower. I usually left them on the laundry basket and give them another hour in the sunlight the next day. I just love my washing crisp dry from the heat of the sun.

A slight cold still lingers onto me giving me stuffed nose at night. MCJ reckons I was snoring. :)

Tomorrow's forecast is strong gusty wind. I only hope I wont get blown away. :D


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