Friday, June 15

Importance of Education

Being parents is I think one of the most BIGgest responsibilities one can ever have. The kind of person your children might be when they grow up and the quality of future they'll have depend on you. Most of us want to be the ideal if not the perfect parents and we're bracing and preparing ourselves for the BIG role as early as our child is inside his/her mother's belly. Being prepared is winning half of the battle.

And I, is one of those obsessive-compulsive parent who wants everything to be laid-out ahead of time, though, I know nothing is certain. I always make mental note of what I want for my child especially education wise. I grew-up in a culture and family where education is very vital to ones success in life and I am sure, I will be applying the same principle to my child.

And knowing that there are available educational centers online as early as now such as Score, is a big plus for me. With the accelerated growth of the use of www for almost anything, I wouldn't be surprise when it is the time of my child to learn and to be educated that online educational centers are the preferred medium of education.

In my educational experience and background, I am first to admit that I am not good in Math or particularly in numbers. I flanked in college algebra when I was in first year college. Gosh, that was an embarrassing experience. If I really want our child to be proficient on the subject that I wasn't, getting Math Tutor/s will be one of the options and I know a good idea.

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Anonymous said...

of all the subj that i had back then, math was my least fave. :) hehe

i guess majority sa tain ganun talaga ayaw sa numero.:)

Anonymous said...

yaps. i agree with U about education.
am not good in math either. didnt passed the math entrance exam incollege so they let me took algebra for 5 units instead of 3 for those who passed. i wonder how i passed in highschool in all those hard number subjects. hehehe

chuching said...

our children's education is probably why we are working this hard so we can give them the opportunity to have the best there is! this is also our top priority!

ako naman, favorite ko dati ang math, kaya nga ako nag-engineering. pero ewan ko ba ngayon, mag add lang, kailangan ko pa ng calculator :)

Princess of CJ said...

hay! math, math, math! i end up taking a program that dealt with numbers also pero you can use calculator anytime you want. hehehe!

na-ko-cross-eyed ako sa numero talaga!