Thursday, June 14

PPP Direct

I've been accepting paid blogging opportunities from several "get paid to blog" companies. They all have different schemes in paying their bloggers for every opportunities. Sometimes, some of them have the same advertisers but the amount they paid varies. One may cut-off 35% of the amount you bid for the advertisements, one may have a 50 - 100 % mark-up, which means keeping half of the money you supposedly earn from blogging and what-have-yous.

And for a change, PPP launched PPP Direct, a part one of the Birdo release of the company. PPP Direct charges a minimal 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transactions fees for Paypal and credit card processing. In short, only 5% of what you earn really goes to the pocket of PPP. The charge is a whole lot lower than what PPP charges in their self service model which is 35%. But the 35% charges of PPP and what-have-you % of other "get paid to blog" companies are justified though because they indeed have to pay real money for facilitating the review, match-making, customer service processes, tax report and financial processing.

With PPP Direct, you're cutting off middleman in transactions that are driven by your blog. From what I gather, it is the result of the paid bloggers' questions if it is possible for advertisers to directly approach posties to write special post for their products. You just have to stick a widget in your blog and specifies how much do you charge for an advertisement. When an advertiser finds your blog and decides to make you an offer, they can just click on the badge attached to the widget.