Friday, September 14


I visited Annie's site and the music struck the emotional cord in me, I feel homesick.. bigla gusto kong umiyak. Guess what the music is? It must have been love. Hearing it made me go down memory lane, hayyy!

I just miss my family especially my mother. She's my bestfriend before I got married. I told her everything that happened to me, no secret. That was even when we were islands apart, when I worked in Manila. I always find time to ring her and tell her the stories of my life there.

And now communications have become rare. I haven't talked to her about my giving birth, you know those stories that first time mums want to tell their mother. I have several questions to ask but I can't reach her. Why? They don't have mobile phone at home. They used to, but my younger sister is now working and is away from them, my younger brother is in school and he's staying in a boarding house. Well, I could ring them during weekends though. Maybe, I just didn't try hard to contact them. I'll try this weekend.

And what I'm feeling will soon fade when Ian is in my arms. Can't wait for our vacation!