Sunday, September 16

Football Craze

It's football craze here in Down Under now. It's the finals of NRL premiership and the AFL. I've been following the NRL especially when the Broncos were playing, but now that they were out in the semis, I'm not sure anymore. But there's another Queensland team to root, the Cowboys and they're going to play later. I've just seen (on telly) several games of AFL - less physical footy.

I haven't tried watching the games in stadium but I reckon tickets are not difficult secure. The sellers are mostly situated in people-frequented area like train stations.

Footy is just all over the world. It's also superbowl season in America. I wonder where people buy their Superbowl tickets there. Maybe, through the net.

And there's the rugby world cup. It's always televised late at night so I only had glimpse of the games yet, I don't wonder where to get the tickets. :P