Wednesday, September 19

Gaining and Losing Friends

Five years ago, I needed an outlet where to spend my time after work. I am islands away from my family, malling was gradually loosing its spark and my (love)life was not exciting. Out of the blue, my friend and I decided to take up an MBA program.

So there, the motivation to go back to school was quite impractical and not convincing, that the doubt that I won't be able to finish it let alone pass one subject was always looming over. I never expected anything from myself nor looked forward to what I will be able to experience or learn from that endeavor. But the best thing happens when you least expect it.

I gained friends.

Our Human Behavior Organization class was instrumental to the friendship that we formed or should I say, our professor. She was very open and giving, sharing her personal experiences which encouraged us to do the same. We always formed groups for reporting purposes. We bonded and laughed and did the same out of the classroom. Our class would usually end at a rush hour at night and finding a ride was a challenge and we would opt to go somewhere and talk until the street is less busy.

Then, my doubt had actually come to reality. Somewhere between 2003 and 2004, I quit not because I wantto , I actually had a great time at school and with my classmates, but because my job had become demanding - I was transferred to another department.

I may be out of school but the friendship didn't end. Loop of emails were exchanged among the group quite often especially if there are special events. We dined out and had fun with each other's company. One of our classmates moved back to Tarlac and we went there one weekend just to bond and had fun. We attended wedding of our friends, witnessed the christening of their child, went to a birthday party of friends or their child, etc. There were lots of get-togethers organized through emails that didn't happen but we had fun, just organizing and sorting it through email. We shared to many memories and stories of our lives.

Then the bombshell.

The night before last, I received an sms from a friend/classmate telling me that one of classmates/friends died of breast cancer. She was our friend from Tarlac. The news brought me to tears. It's just been more than a year ago when we attended another friend's wedding and she was full of life and vigor. That was the last time I saw her. She's one of my friends in friendster and for quite a while I haven't seen any updates from her. Little did I know what's happening to her.

That's not the first time though.

More than two years ago, we lost another friend from aneurism - I was really close to her.

Both deaths were so sudden for me. It is just so shocking as the last news you've heard about a friend was bright and happy then all of a sudden she's not with us in this world anymore.

They're too young to be gone but I know God has a special plan for them.

I miss them and I still feel sad for losing them. May their soul rest in peace.


Mich said...

this is so sad. I can't imagine the pain of losing a friend. You're right, God has special plans for them.


Anonymous said...

i can empathize with your grief. i, myself have lost lots of friends to senseless deaths back home.