Thursday, September 27

Sorts of People in a Relationship

We watched a documentary of fat admiration last night - Fat Girls and Feeders. I'm not that naive (maybe not just well read) though but that was the first time that I've ever heard of men actually looking for fat women and the fatter a woman is, the more she becomes attractive to the fat admirer (fa).

I was amazed that some men really sought fat women to the extent of travelling to the other side of the world. There was this young man from UK who went to the US to go to bar with fat women.

But finding the right woman was not a walk in the park as the ratio is 4:1. Picking should really be done carefully.

For one woman, it was just sort of a show to the world especially to her family that she can have a boyfriend or eventually a husband even if she's fat, so she made a personal advertisement which one of the men in the nearby town responded. They hit it off from there. Good on her! But not for long as her husband has an obsession of getting her bigger and bigger, making her totally dependent on him. Her husband would feed her whatever she wants, but he didn't call himself feeder but rather enabler. However he may call himself, I think he still the sort of selfish gut who doesn't think of his wife's health.

What is more questionable for me is that, he made videos of his wife's progress if you may call it, in gaining weight. He take photos of him in the same angle every some time to show how big she gets. And what's horrible for me was, she was the narrator in the video. The videos were sold to the husband's fellow FA. They earned big bucks.

Eventually, the wife put her feet down and put an end to her husband's obsession. She had an operation to make her stomach smaller, and she lost weight in the process much to her husband's chagrin in the beginning but he had realized that he might jeopardize his wife's health.

I admire the wife's love or loyalty to let her husband rule her life for her and at the same time, I resent it. It doesn't matter if you're happy with what you're doing but she didn't look happy. Oh well, to each her own.


Anonymous said...

era, this sounds interesting to watch -- not that am fat, but i got curious of how really big she was and what's really inthe video that made them earned a lot of bucks. :D

Unknown said...

era, you have to watch this movie called 'Feed' its also about men obsessed about feeding women till theyre elephant sized. its very disgusting!

Mich said...

hi era, meron pa lang ganto! haven't heard of it until now. grabe i can't imagine guys would want their wives to get bigger and bigger and bigger. Ang hirap nun on the girl's part kse ang bigat ng feeling nun!

Haaaay, yan bang "love"? hehe!