Saturday, September 29

One Stop Shop

Have you seen or heard a one stop shop for all electronic needs or facilities? I just did.

Epazz provides a total managed integrated web solutions. It offers enterprise email system, web hosting, document management, portal software, content management and to many more.. even down to intranet. How cool is that? The product and solutions offer by this company are more apt to the new business or those business who wants to shift from manual processing to electronic as they have a package that offers whole lot, the BoxesOS.

Plus the facilities were not just designed to cater specific needs of a particular industry but rather of various, so if you've a diversified business... this is more likely what you want.

And the good part is a 30 days free trial. I deemed this scheme is pro-buyer as you have an idea how the system or facility works before buying it. This way also, you can think of so many probabilities and uses of the solution to your company before you actually pay for it.